Makin Developers, established in 1992, stands at the forefront of construction innovation, merging state-of-the-art technology with creative solutions. Our core philosophy revolves around seamlessly integrating high-quality products, expert technical guidance, and exceptional customer service to redefine the construction landscape.

At Makin Developers, we take pride in offering premier technical expertise, effective project management, and comprehensive services. Our mission is to Develop, Manage, Engineer, Build, and Operate installations tailored to meet our customers’ diverse needs, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and excellence.

Key Elements that Define Us

Quality Work

We source and offer the finest quality materials and products, ensuring reliability and longevity in every project we undertake.

Expert Guidance

Our team comprises seasoned professionals providing comprehensive technical support, ensuring efficient operations and swift issue resolution.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are our priority. We listen attentively to their needs, offering tailored solutions, and ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience throughout the project.

Innovation Hub

We thrive on innovation, consistently exploring new methodologies and technologies to enhance construction processes and deliver groundbreaking results.

Our Inspiring Journey

At the helm stands Col. S. K. Makin (Retd.), an Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore graduate, who founded this company fueled by a vision to redefine construction services globally. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for engineering, he laid the foundation for what would become an extraordinary venture.

In just three decade, under his visionary leadership, our company witnessed exponential growth, swiftly ascending to the summit of success. Our client roster boasts giants of industry, a testament to our dedication and expertise. We take immense pride in our accomplishments, yet remain grounded in humility, cherishing the ongoing pursuit of excellence that defines our journey.


We’re committed to becoming the premier construction company in North India. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive array of services including industrial, institutional, fire-fighting, lifts, roads, public health, and electrical works to our valued clients. offering a one-stop solution for all construction needs. 


At our core, we operate with agility and efficiency. Our relentless dedication to quality and swift execution sets us apart. We’re always proactive, ensuring that every project is delivered with top-notch quality and remarkable speed.


We are committed to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our endeavour is to reduce cost and cycle times through effective and efficient use of resources. Organisational capabilities will be continually improved to retain competitive advantage by aligning our processes, to build strong business relationships with customers and suppliers. We endeavors to be the customers’ preferred choice in everything we do. Our customers will experience professional competence and a high level of service in our deliveries.